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Up until now, I've used the Featured gallery as a place to store graphics used to decorate the main group page.  Today, I decided to change that.  The Featured gallery will now serve as a place to store my favorite images from #SistersOfRapture, chosen either because they are an excellent representation of a Sister of Rapture character or simply because I really dig the art.  Either way, the Featured gallery is now a collection of the best this group has to offer.  It will continue to remain closed for submissions, however, so all pieces you submit should continue to go to the appropriate folder.  See the FAQ for details.

In other news, my team and I are continuing to work on our upcoming Sisters of Rapture monster manual, Beauties & Beasts.  Going is slow, since we are all working on our monsters in our "free time," but progress is being made.  I myself am slowly working through my list, writing up the fluff and conceptual ideas for many monsters of mythological origin, which I will eventually hand over to a talented writer going by the name Crowe Longinus, who will work up the Pathfinder crunch for me.  In the meantime we're all (there's 4 of us on this project) continuing to brainstorm for new monster ideas.  To that end, if you have a cool idea for a sexy or otherwise "adult-themed" monster, please feel free to share it with us.  If we use it, you get a free PDF copy of the book and full credit as the creator of the monster.

My other active SoR project, Sisters of Rapture: The Modern Path Edition, which utilizes the Modern Path d20 system from Game Room Creations, continues to be developed as well.  I have completed the main crunch portion of the book, featuring the Modern Path edition of the class, new feats, traits, flaws and other character stuff, and am working my way though the second, fluff portion of the book.  This section will feature an extensive history of the Sisters of Rapture on Earth, an exploration of the modern organization's hierarchy, a sample temple and plenty of useful NPCs to work into your SoR campaign, as well as a few other fun goodies.  Although I don't anticipate it being quite as large as the main SoR books, I'm anticipating this being a major SoR supplement that greatly expands the role of the Sisters of Rapture for modern Pathfinder campaigns.

Finally, my third SoR project, The Book of Divine Love, featuring a collection of love goddesses both original and mythological for use with Rapturous characters, continues to wait in a holding position while I work on the other two books.  Once work on those books is completed, I'll start on this one.  Rest assured, though, it's never far from my mind.

I hope you all will continue to enjoy the Sisters of Rapture both here and at your own game-table!  Remember: love all and be loved!


FenrirLokison Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
Hello T. Catt,

I have to admit I LOVE the SoR book and concepts and I would LOVE to see more of it. I am more of a D20/Pathfinder kinda guy, so I have been looking forward to seeing Beauties & Beasts. So, how is it looking? And are you going to make follow up book for the Congress of the Wolf? Like having prestige classes that focuses on the darker natures of the Congress? For example, maybe a twisted ranger who has the class ability Favorite Enemy (Female)? Or maybe a class who through use of forced sexual activity can gain healing, strength from a victim or maybe activate a spell or spell-like ability?
TCatt Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
I have no plans, at this point, to expand the Congress of the Wolf past what I've already released for them. This includes creating new crunch, which would, in my eyes, further encourage Congress of the Wolf PCs, which could also be seen as an endorsement of the kind of behavior they represent. The Congress are the basest and most vile of villains, and, I feel, are best approached from that capacity. I was hesitant, even, to include them in the SoR Factions guide, since those rules don't really apply to NPCs, but it helped create a certain balance with that project, so I allowed it. That is likely to be the only official Congress crunch you'll find. A ranger with Favored Enemy (females) would be a call for your GM to make (and would be foolish, in my opinion, since that would apply, essentially, to 1/2 of all the creatures he'll ever encounter, which is far more common than any of the other Favored Enemy choices).

I am glad you like my book, though, and thank you for your support of the Sisters of Rapture. Beauties & Beasts is well underway, but still has a long way to go. I'm hoping we can get it out some time this year, but I can't promise anything. As with all my RPG projects, This book is something I can only work on in my spare time, which is a rare occurrence.

Thanks for the comment!
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